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At Medical Options for Wellness we strive to provide individualized medical evaluation and treatment in an environment of warmth and caring to promote wellness and a high quality of life.  Our philosophy and particular strength lies in the ability to identify and treat the underlying cause of illness.  We provide a non-drug approach to medical care, utilizing natural and nutritional therapies; however, we also recognize that there are situations where medications and/or surgery may be the best approach.  



Specializing in the Treatment Of

Lyme Disease

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Mold Illness

Hormonal Disorders

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Women's Health Issues


Services Offered

Allergy Desensitization

Stress Management

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy





Lyme Disease:


Chronic Lyme disease is the fastest growing vector borne infectious disease, a leading cause of chronic fatigue, and perhaps the most under-recognized illness today.  Dr Patel has been successfully treating Lyme disease with antibiotics coupled with homeopathy, herbs and immune system modulation.  He is an active member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and continues to actively research this newly identified disease. 


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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD):


We provide the full range of treatment modalities for ASD including nutritional/dietary interventions, food allergy desensitization, addressing genetic defects in the methylation cycle and other detoxification pathways, neurotransmitter balancing, eradicating chronic bacterial & viral infections and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

ASD includes conditions such as autism, Asperger's syndrome and pervasive development disorder (PDD).  These conditions are characterized by abnormal behaviors and marked impairment in social skills and communication.

In addition to behavioral therapies such as ABA, speech therapy and occupational therapies, there is now a wealth of new information in the medical literature supporting a biomedical approach to treating ASD.  Dr Patel has been an active member of "Defeat Autism Now" since the late 1990's and to date has hundreds of children on the road to recovery.
We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and leading edge therapies to help our kids. 


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Mold Illness:


Mold Illness, caused by exposure to indoor mold in water damaged buildings, is a silent epidemic.  It can manifest with a variety of symptoms that are often misdiagnosed as one of a number of “new age illnesses” we see so often today such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Dr. Patel is able to help you get the appropriate testing to correctly diagnose this condition, as well as help you reverse the inflammatory damage that mold and its associated by-products from indoor moisture damage can cause. 


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Women's Health Issues:


We provide comprehensive care for women's health including natural approaches to PMS, bioidentical/natural hormones for menopausal symptoms, effective treatment/reversal of osteoporosis, and the treatment and prevention of recurrent vaginal/bladder infections.  Dr Patel can also provide women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer with valuable assistance to improve their immune system.

Heavy Metal Detoxification:


Heavy metals have become increasingly implicated in a variety of diseases from autism and anxiety disorders to ulcerative colitis and eczema.  We have over 15 years of experience helping patients to reduce their total body burden of heavy metals.  Instead of using chelation agents, we work on supporting the methylation cycle with the use of key nutrients that can kick start this critical biochemical pathway.  This support then enables the body to begin eliminating heavy metals from the body on its own.


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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (mHBOT):


HBOT involves the therapeutic use of oxygen at higher than atmospheric pressure. The increased level of oxygen at the level of tissues and organs resulting from HBOT explains its medical benefits in a variety of conditions including strokes, non-healing ulcers, burns, autism, and cerebral palsy.  It has also been found to help with post-op healing, athletic performance/recovery, and mental acuity.


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Allergy Desensitization:


We provide a variety of options for treating both environmental and food allergies including traditional immunotherapy, BioSET/NAET, and homeopathy.  We can test for allergies through prick testing, blood (RAST) testing and electrodermal screening.  Dr Patel is very comfortable treating not only traditional allergic states such as rhinitis, asthma, hives and eczema but also lesser-known allergic states such as hyperactivity/ADHD, colitis and fibromyalgia.

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Stress Management:


Needless to say, stress is a ubiquitous part of everyone's life.  Learning to not so much avoid stress but to effectively manage it can be an important key to one's recovery from illness.  We can provide you with the tools you need to begin reducing your levels of stress today!  You will also gain valuable insights into the true causes of your illness.  Dr. Patel has over twenty years of experience with meditation and dream work.  He has lectured and held workshops both in the United States and abroad.

Hormonal Disorders:


Hormones control your metabolism and to a large part influence every system in your body.  Thyroid and adrenal disorders are the most common and can often be missed when relying solely on traditional blood testing.  Our comprehensive screening will not only identify these disorders but also help in selecting the best treatment to correct the underlying problem.

Chronic Fatigue / CFIDS:


Since 1993, Dr Patel has worked with patients suffering from chronic fatigue. Candidiasis, food sensitivities, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, chronic infections, and heavy metals are just a few of the many conditions that are frequently the cause of chronic fatigue.  When properly identified and treated, people feel better than they have in years.  Dr Patel is one of a select group of physicians chosen to perform clinical research using Ampligen in CFIDS patients since 1999 in conjunction with Hemispherx Laboratories.