Our practice is in response to the need for a fully qualified, full-spectrum medical service utilizing a nutritional approach to preventive medicine and treatment of illness. If you are interested in achieving and maintaining health and vitality, or if you have a specific health problem, we can assist you in obtaining optimum health. 

We utilize a nutritional approach to treatment and prevention of illness, employing dietary measures, vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring substances. Drugs are prescribed occasionally when no other alternative exists. We prefer to seek and correct the underlying causes of potential problems rather than to just suppress symptoms of illness.

We believe that radiant, optimum health-not just the absence of disease-is the natural state of the body. After a thorough evaluation, we provide our patients with guidance in making changes necessary to eliminate negative factors that interfere with health. In this way, patients can achieve and maintain optimum health.

While Dr. Patel has specialized in treating autistic spectrum disorders and chronic Lyme disease, he also works routinely with a variety of other disorders.