Dr. Raj Patel is trained to work with people of all ages with his education in Family Medicine. He is also trained in, and has extensive experience with, various natural therapies including nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbs and mind-body medicine. Integrating these diverse therapies with allopathic (Western) medicine, when appropriate, has enabled Dr Patel to offer a highly refined approach to healthcare that produces lasting results.

Since 1993, Dr. Patel has specialized in helping patients suffering from "Chronic Fatigue" (CFIDS), Candidiasis, food sensitivities, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, chronic infections and heavy metals are just some of the many conditions that are frequently the root cause of chronic fatigue. When properly identified and treated, patients experience a significant level of well-being. In addition, Dr. Patel is one of a select group of physicians chosen to do clinical research using Ampligen in CFIDS patients since 1999, in conjunction with Hemispherx Laboratories.

Over the years, Dr. Patel has specialized in treating patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as well as Lyme and other tick borne diseases. He began working with autistic children in 1999 and to date has helped over 500 children on the road to recovery. Dr. Patel also works with other childhood developmental conditions like ADD/ADHD, OCD and developmental delay. He is an active member of Defeat Autism Now (DAN).

Another area that Dr. Patel specializes in is treating Lyme disease. It is well documented that patients with chronic Lyme disease also suffer from candidiasis, food sensitivities, accumulation of heavy metals and hormonal imbalances. With his background in treating these conditions, Dr. Patel has been able to create a comprehensive program in treating chronic Lyme sufferers. He has found incredible success in treating individuals with chronic Lyme disease by combining antibiotic treatment with heavy metal detoxification, food allergy desensitization and hormonal support. Dr. Patel is an active member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). He has also completed advanced training in pediatric Lyme disease.

Dr. Patel first began looking into Dr. Shoemaker’s incredible work on chronic inflammation resulting from exposure to water damaged buildings (WDB) in 2010. He found that many of his “lyme patients” who had experienced only partial improvement, turned out to be simultaneously suffering from toxic exposure to WDB. When they began responding dramatically to simply getting out of their home and taking cholestyramine, Dr. Patel’s interest was piqued to learn more about Dr. Shoemaker’s treatment approach to this illness. In 2013 Dr Patel became one of a handful of physicians certified by Dr. Shoemaker to treat patients using his approach. Dr. Patel today integrates the findings from Dr Shoemaker as well as other doctors working with mold illness to see patients making impressive recoveries from this debilitating illness.

Dr. Raj Patel received a Masters degree in Physiology and received his medical degree from Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey. Thereafter, he finished a three-year residency and became Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Patel subsequently worked in a large multi-specialty medical group in Southern California delivering the full spectrum healthcare. In 1993, Dr. Raj Patel moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to become the medical director of the Woodside Family Health Center. Here he began to integrate his knowledge of natural therapies into his medical practice. Dr. Patel also has over twenty years of experience in meditation and dream work. These and other tools of Mind-Body Medicine have become valuable for Dr. Patel in helping people gain a deeper understanding of their health issues. 


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