Over the years we have come across certain nutritional products from different companies that particularly stand out. We carry products from over 30 different companies, especially those items that are difficult to find at most health food stores. At Medical Options for Wellness, Dr. Patel prescribes nutritional supplements not only to address your daily physiological nutritional needs, but also in a pharmacological fashion to promote certain changes in your body without the harmful side effects of drugs.

Ordering supplements from our nutritional pharmacy:

  • Call our supplement line at 650-474-2130.  Leave your name, phone number, supplement name(s), number of bottles of each supplement desired, and your physician's name.  Please indicate pickup or shipping.  If shipping, leave a credit card number and the shipping address (No P.O. Boxes).  Allow 24 hours for pickup. Shipping and handling cost varies based on weight and delivery (OR)
  • Print the following supplement order form, fill it out completely, and fax to 650-474-2136.


Please note that supplements from our nutritional pharmacy are available to existing patients only.

Ordering additional supplements and products:

  • BioResource, Inc. (your source for Pekana and Beyond Balance products):  Call 1-800-203-3775.  Mention that you are working with Dr. Patel.
  • Natural Dispensary (carries products from Allergy Research Group, Integrative Therapeutics, Gaia Herbs, Klaire Labs and many more): Order Form  www.naturaldispensary.com/ or call 1-877-628-3477.  Use code "ITI1253"
  • Researched Nutritionals: Call 1-800-775-3402 or visit www.researchednutritionals.com/. You will need Dr. Patel's physician code to order. You can call us our office at 650-474-2130 to receive this code.
  • Biopure Healing Products, LLC.  (Dr. Klinghardt's Products):   www.biopureus.com/
  • Body Ecology ("Ecobloom"):   bodyecology.com/
  • Earthing Products (Bands, Sleep Systems, Patches, Mats):  shop.earthing.net/main.sc
  • VSL3:  www.vsl3.com/


Note: Email communications with our office between visits should be limited to emergencies only. Excessive use of email will be charged.