Dear Parents,

As a Defeat Autism Now "DAN" doctor I have worked with Autism since 1998. Watching literally hundreds of these kids recover, I can honestly say that, in most cases, Autism is treatable. There has been a tremendous amount of research and information that has emerged over the past few years that is helping doctors, like myself, get these kids on the road to recovery.

Although I treat a number of different health conditions in my medical practice, working with kids on the autistic spectrum (including ADHD) and treating lyme disease is by far the bulk of my medical practice. It is also the most rewarding part of my work. I understand that, at times, as parents we feel like we are barely hanging on in trying to get our kids well and still meet the day to day challenges of living.

This portion of our website has been designed to provide information to help you institute a treatment program for your child. You will find recipes, tips on giving supplements, links to other important websites, critical research articles and much more. Please spend some time reading the information here both before and after your visits with me. It will help answer many of your questions and simplify the treatment process. In conclusion, I want to thank you for choosing us in helping with your child’s recovery. I assure you that I will settle for nothing less than a normal healthy child who has no visible signs of developmental delay of any kind and who is fully mainstreamed into a regular school as my goal for your child.


Dr. Raj Patel