Food sensitivities are frequently ignored by the medical community due to the lack of effective medical therapies.  They are a leading cause of hypoglycemia, bloating after meals, sinus congestion, fatigue and chronic bowel disturbances.

Environmental allergies manifest as frequent sneezing, itchy eyes/nose, chronic nasal congestion and post nasal drip.  They typically occur in the spring and/or fall.  Antihistamines, while effective, typically cause unwanted side effects.

We offer several types of desensitization that cover both environmental and food allergies as well as sensitivities.  Usually one or a combination of the following will be successful in getting you well:




Refers to your traditional allergy shots.  This time-honored method is the primary tool offered by most physicians in treating most IgE mediated environmental and food allergies. 


Mold/Pollen & Histamine Drops:


Are unique homeopathic formulations (designed by our doctors) of the most common allergens in the SF Bay Area.  Typically, they are effective at eliminating allergies to trees, grasses, weeds, shrubs, flowers and molds as well as dust and dust mites.




Is a series of acupressure treatments pioneered by Dr Ellen Cutler.  It is very effective at eliminating both food sensitivities and environmental allergies, but not anaphylactic reactions.


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